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Online Roulette Brings a Classic Online

As the old saying goes “Round and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows.” This phrase encapsulates everything that makes roulette such an exciting game to play. Few casino games can match the intensity of playing roulette. Players around the table often can’t help but hold their breath every time the little ball is placed into the wheel and spun. Every pair of eyes follows the little ball around until it eventually comes to a stop, eager to see whether luck is on their side.

Now, over 300 years after its invention, roulette has gone beyond the physical world to take its place among the greats of mobile casino games. Online roulette offers all the excitement of the game with the convenience and reliability of modern online casinos like Spin Galaxy. This is all thanks to Spin Galaxy and their dedication to deliever the best online casino experience to their players.

Roulette Then and Now

The roulette wheel was invented in 17th Century France by a physicist called Blaise Pascal. At the time Pascal was attempting to make a perpetual motion machine. Although he was unsuccessful in his attempt, he did mistakenly invent one of the most popular casino games of all time. Pascal adapted his new invention into a game and introduced it into gambling houses of the time. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that roulette would explode in popularity as it spread across Europe.

The popularity of roulette is probably thanks to how simple it is to play. Every round of roulette starts with the dealer dropping a ball into the spinning roulette wheel. The ball travels around and around until the wheel stops spinning, causing the ball to come to rest in one of the wheel’s many coloured pockets. The challenge is for players to try to predict in which pocket the ball will stop. They do this by placing their chips on numbers spread out on a large mat. As players have no influence over the events of the game, everything comes down to pure luck.

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Online Roulette For Every Taste

At Spin Galaxy we believe in giving the freedom of choice to every player. Which is why we’ve made every version of roulette available on our site. Whether players prefer European, French, or American Roulette, all three versions are open for play. Players might like to try all three before deciding which roulette simulator is their favourite.

While all three versions of roulette are largely the same, there a few small differences that make each unique. European Roulette is the most popular version of the game because of the lower house edge. This is thanks to the game’s wheel only featuring a single 0-pocket, the one pocket in which the house wins outright. French Roulette is largely the same as European Roulette, though the layout of the bets is different and there are a few extra rules added in. American Roulette features a double 0-pocket and as such has a higher house edge than the other two versions.

So Many Ways To Bet

One of the strengths of roulette compared to other casino games is the numerous options it gives players in terms of placing bets. Beginner players might prefer to stick to outside bets which offer better odds in exchange for a lower roulette payout. Outside bets are more general than inside bets and allow players to place bets on odd or even, red or black, columns, or dozens.

Inside bets are more specific bets that are less likely to land but offer a higher payout in return. When placing inside bets, players are required to pick specific numbers that they think will come up.

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Take Online Roulette for a Spin

Roulette offers the kind of exciting gameplay that can only truly be appreciated when its experienced. Every spin of the ball around the wheel is a tense waiting game that can draw in new and veteran players alike. There’s no better way to enjoy the feel of playing roulette than in Spin Galaxy’s secure and reliable online casino.

Together with our leading gaming software provider, we’ve spared no effort in bringing players the very best audio and visual gaming experience the Internet has to offer. Every spin of the wheel is fairly decided by our gaming software provider highly regarded Random Number Generator (RNG). All player information and transactions are also securely protected by excellent encryption software that keeps all prying eyes away. It’s the classic game of roulette reimagined for a modern world.