Play Blackjack online In Many Styles And Variations

Originating from a 16th-century French game called Vingt-et-un ("21"), the more modern name of the game refers to Blackjack. Played against the dealer, a round of blackjack has the feel of a duel with the ability for bystanders to bet on other players' hands, making it one of the most intriguing casino games around.


Playing online blackjack for real money provides the kind of action unique to table games and integral to the modern online gaming experience offered at some of the best online casinos, such as Spin Galaxy.


Spin Galaxy offers the widest selection of blackjack online games, including American, European and Multihand variations where the ante is upped. Blackjack online players can enjoy the immersive experience of hitting or staying in an ultra-realistic casino environment, while our RNG games are designed for players to keep the game moving at their own pace.


Whatever your preferences or playing style, there's a blackjack table at Spin Galaxy with your name on it!

How To Play Blackjack Online At Spin Galaxy

The rules of blackjack are fairly simple to learn and understand. To win, the player must get as close to 21 as possible with fewer cards than the dealer. All cards are at face value, except for the King, Queen and Jack which count as 10. An Ace has a value of 11 unless it gives a player or the dealer a points total over 21, in which case, it has a value of 1.


Here are the basics steps for how to play blackjack online:


1. Place your bet or bet behind another player.

Depending on the game, you will place a wager by moving your chips onto the bet spot or using the arrow buttons to adjust your stake.


2. Each player and the dealer are dealt two cards in turn.
In live-dealer blackjack, your cards will be dealt by a person and with RNG versions of the game, this is done automatically.


3. If you want more cards, select "Hit".
If you choose to receive another card, you will either get closer to 21 or go "bust" and lose your bet. You can then opt again for another card should you deem it worth taking the risk and the dealer has not gone bust themselves.


4. When satisfied with your hand, select "Stay" or “Stand”.
This decision indicates to the dealer that you won't be taking any more cards for the current round.


5. The final cards are revealed.
To win, the value of your cards must be higher than the dealer's or equal to 21. If the total value of your hand is lower than the dealer's or over 21, then you will lose. If the dealer goes over 21 and you don't, you will win no matter the value of your hand.


6. Get paid out your winnings.
Any player that beats the dealer is paid out equal to their bet. Depending on the game, drawing "Blackjack" (Ace and a 10-value card) with your first two cards pays out at higher odds.


Not a fan of blackjack? You can play online roulette instead.

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Impossibly Close To The Real Deal

When playing blackjack online for real money at Spin Galaxy, our advanced casino software takes care of all the details and mechanics, letting players just enjoy the experience. Every game in our online black jack lobby is rendered with sleek graphics and sound effects to replicate the feel of a real-life casino for the best possible experience.


In our casino, players not only have the choice of standard American or European blackjack but can also play games with adapted rules, changing the speed, betting options and outcomes.


First-time players can try their hand at practice games on RNG variations, to get used to the rules and gameplay until they are confident enough to play blackjack online for real money.

Try These Popular Blackjack Games On Spin Galaxy

Whether playing traditional blackjack games online takes your fancy or you love the thrill of live-dealer tables with charming hosts, these and much more are available at Spin Galaxy. For casino enthusiasts who like to dictate the pace of the game, our large selection of RNG online blackjack games puts the power in your hands to have the cards dealt whenever you're ready.


Here are some of our best online blackjack games available at Spin Galaxy:


  • Atlantic City Gold Blackjack - Microgaming‘s Atlantic City Blackjack Gold combines classic blackjack rules with the option to surrender your hand for half your bet, re-split cards up to 3 times and unlimited double downs.
  • Vegas Single-Deck Blackjack - Played with only a single deck, this blackjack game is ideal for implementing popular strategies. You have the option to speed up gameplay by enabling "Quick Deal" in the settings.
  • Multihand Classic Blackjack - Players can have a total of five hands at any one time, allowing them more choice and control over the game. Other features include side bets like insurance, doubling down and splits.
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Online Blackjack Games Enjoyed Responsibly

We love blackjack at Spin Galaxy and want our games to be enjoyed responsibly in the safest way possible. That's why we use highly advanced digital software and encryption technology to ensure the online transactions and personal information of our players are fully protected.


In addition to safeguarding sensitive customer data, any players at risk of problem gambling can put in place responsible gaming measures such as self-exclusion and loss or deposit limits to prevent themselves from harm.

Blackjack FAQ

What are the rules of blackjack?

Cards numbered 2 to 10 represent their face value and royal cards (Jack, Queen, King) are also worth 10. Aces are worth either 1 or 11 depending on what is preferable. The winner in blackjack is the closest to 21 and hands that exceed 21 are "bust" and automatically lose.

How do you play online blackjack for real money?

First register with a licensed online casino such as Spin Galaxy. Then log in to your account and visit the blackjack lobby for a selection of games. Next, choose your preferred game to play blackjack online.

Are 21 and blackjack the same?

Yes, they are the same. However, "blackjack" also refers to a specific hand where the first two cards dealt are an ace and a ten-card (face card or 10), adding up to 21, which is the best possible result in the game.