Play Online Roulette in New Zealand

Nothing beats the suspense of placing bets on the roulette table and waiting for the spinning wheel to reveal the winning number.


At Spin Galaxy, we’ve updated this casino classic for today’s mobile world, with the latest RNG and live dealer versions of French, American and European roulette.


Play on desktop or in our mobile casino for top roulette action in a safe, secure environment. If you sign up as a new player, you qualify for the $1000 Welcome Bonus to get you started.

Roulette comes in different shapes

There are a bunch of options to play online roulette. The three main types we offer are: 


American Roulette Online – This wheel has 36 numbered segments plus two zero segments, which opens up intriguing betting possibilities.
European Roulette Online – The European wheel has one zero segment and 36 numbered segments and is the most commonly played.
French Roulette Online – This wheel is the same as the European version but the rules differ. Should the ball land on zero and you have an even-money outside bet, you can get your full wager back.


Roulette is purely based on chance, which is what makes it so much fun for anyone to enjoy. If you want more of a strategic challenge, perhaps try to play blackjack online instead.


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Betting On Roulette Casino Games

Never played roulette casino games before? Here’s a breakdown of the ways in which bets are placed:


Inside Bets: These have a low probability of happening but have a higher payout. For example, a Straight Up bet is a bet on only one number. Others include predicting combinations or sequences of numbers, such as Line bets, Street bets, Split bets and Corner bets.


Outside Bets: These have a higher probability of happening but have a lower payout. An example of this is to bet only on high or low numbers, black or red, and odd or even numbers. Others include betting on Dozens and Columns, which are groups of numbers.


As a rule of thumb, the tougher the odds, the bigger the payout for a winning bet. A successful straight-up bet, for instance, is worth 35:1, while a colour bet (Black or Red) will pay out 1:1.

How To Play Online Roulette

When you play online roulette for real money , it’s important to know that the wheel is divided into 36 red and black pockets, plus one or two green zero pockets, depending on the variant you’re playing.  The numbers are not consecutive and the black and red are alternating. The aim of the game is to predict where the ball will land.


This is the process for a casino game of online roulette:


  • Place your bets
  • The wheel starts spinning and the ball drops in
  • The ball lands in a segment
  • Winnings are allocated (or not) according to the result.
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Popular Online Roulette Gambling Games

Of all Spin Galaxy’s casino games, roulette is a firm player favourite, and here are some of our top choices:


  • Sapphire Roulette – Microgaming has done it again, bringing European roulette to your living room. This game has a sleek design and random number-generated play. It also offers hot and cold statistics to guide your betting.
  • Real Auto Roulette – If you want to play roulette online, this game has 9 betting options and statistics on the last 100 spins. It is automatic and quite fast-paced.
  • Real Roulette with Bailey – Created by Real Dealer Studios, Bailey is the croupier who brings live action to your screen. It also sports a Racetrack board that adds to the regular options.

Roulette FAQ

Which type of online roulette is best?

This depends on personal gaming taste. Whether you enjoy RNG games or live-dealer games, we have it all at Spin Galaxy.

What is the best site to play online roulette?

The best sites are safe, licensed casinos like Spin Galaxy, with games that are optimised for mobile, a great sign-up bonus and a plentiful variety of roulette games.

Is roulette purely based on luck?

Online roulette gambling is just that, a gamble. Although you can strategise about where and how you place your bets, the outcome is completely random.

How to play online roulette?

Sign up at a licensed casino like Spin Galaxy New Zealand and find the version of roulette you want to try. Place your bet or combination of bets, see the wheel spin and wait for the outcome.

Is online roulette mobile friendly?

Yes, all Spin Galaxy’s games are optimised for mobile play and as software developers improve on games, the platform is updated.

Can I play casino roulette online with real money?

Yes, but first you need to register and set up your profile with Spin Galaxy. If you are signing up for the first time and making a deposit, you are eligible for the bonus and can start playing for real money.

Can you win at online roulette?

Yes, bearing in mind that roulette outcomes are purely based on chance. Even-money bets such as odds/even, red/black and high/low have the best odds.