Online Casino Blackjack In New Zealand

Blackjack is a classic casino game that relies on a mix of strategy and chance. Played since the 1800s, it really took off during the two World Wars and is now one of the most popular online casino games. That’s right, you no longer need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to chase the dealer to 21.


Instead, you can explore RNG and live dealer variants in a safe, secure environment at Spin Galaxy Online Casino. Blackjack is available to play here on desktop or mobile any place, any time.

How online casino blackjack is played

Blackjack has rules, but they are easy to understand and there is an opportunity to develop your own style and strategy. In blackjack, the ultimate aim is to beat the dealer to 21 points. The strategy part comes in when you decide to hit, stand, split or double down.


The King, Queen and Jack count 10 points each, the Ace is 1 or 11 depending on the other cards in your hand, and the rest of the cards are at face value.


Here we break down the basics to play a game of casino blackjack:


  • Use your chips to place a wager
  • The dealer gives each player two cards
  • Select “Hit” to receive another card
  • Select “Stand” if you don’t want any more cards
  • The dealer reveals the closed cards
  • Winnings are allocated

Whether you hit or stand depends on the total number of points you have in your hand. More than 21 points and you go “Bust”, the house gets a win if the dealer has 21 points. But if the dealer’s hand is more than 21, the player with the closest score below 21, wins.


If the cards aren’t your thing, you can always play roulette online.

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Which online blackjack game works for you?

Spin Galaxy has several variants of this traditional game to give players the best chance at finding their personal favourite version of blackjack online in New Zealand. The standard American and European games are available, as well as live dealers. The American and European versions have rules that differ slightly from one another but are still easy to pick up. The biggest difference is the customised rules and adjusted betting options.


If your confidence is not yet there and you want to have a few practice rounds first, play the free games in our blackjack online casino until you understand the mechanics and feel good about placing a bet. Our platform has been optimised for mobile and results in seamless gameplay with bright graphics and great sound effects.

Your blackjack online casino: Spin Galaxy

Which one will be your favourite? The games with Random Generated Number play, or live blackjack online that make you feel like you have a seat at the table? Give it a go and find out!


Here are a few of our favourite options:


  • Multihand Classic Blackjack – Here players have the option of holding up to 5 hands of cards at the same time and includes side bets, splits and doubling down.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack – Microgaming is known for its fantastic casino software, and Vegas Strip Blackjack is no different. This is American blackjack and is traditionally played with 4 standard decks of cards.
    If the dealer’s hand is 10 points, they will take a peak at the hidden card. If that card makes it 21 points, they show their hand and it is the end of the round. If the player also has 21, the bet is returned, otherwise, the player loses.
  • Atlantic City Gold Blackjack – Another one by Microgaming, this is a mix of classic blackjack rules where players can fold for half of their bet, re-split cards up to 3 times and unlimited double downs.
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Online Mobile Blackjack

Beam up to beat the dealer from anywhere you are with online mobile blackjack on your device of choice right here at Spin Galaxy New Zealand! Our entire award-winning range of mobile blackjack variants is fully compatible with Android, iOS and Windows handsets, so you can play a few hands of 21 anytime you like, provided that you have an internet connection.


Play mobile blackjack for real money in your mobile browser to access all our mobile-optimised blackjack options. You can even experience our live casino black games in mobile format without any loss of quality.


Deposits and withdrawals are intuitive, safe and fast, with a broad range of popular and trusted service providers from credit cards to bank transfers and e-wallets. To get started with blackjack mobile games, simply register your Spin Galaxy account, make an initial deposit and search for blackjack in the lobby.

Play Casino Blackjack Responsibly

Spin Galaxy is a dependable and trustworthy platform for blackjack in New Zealand, and we encourage players to use our responsible gaming tools whenever necessary. We have a self-assessment questionnaire to help players make the right decisions.


Players can take short or long breaks from gaming, or they can set deposit and wagering limits. If you need assistance accessing help, please contact our friendly live chat.

Blackjack FAQ

Can you play blackjack online in New Zealand?

Yes, Spin Galaxy is licensed. This means we are a safe and legal online casino to play at.

Can you play blackjack online for real money?

Spin Galaxy requires players to register a profile and make a deposit, then you can play online blackjack for real money.

Is it possible to win with blackjack online?

As with any game of strategy and chance, you can win. It’s also possible to lose, so do play responsibly. We use Random Generated Number software ensuring play is fair.

Can I get a blackjack casino bonus?

Spin Galaxy offers new players a generous $1,000 welcome bonus to use on any games they choose.