Top Online Roulette In Canada

Roulette has been popular through the ages, conjuring images of martinis and tuxedos in opulent casinos.


But with the development of modern technology, you can spin the wheel at any time, not only when a group of players gather in a casino. At Spin Galaxy we offer variations of this wheel-based table game fully online. All you need to play roulette in our mobile casino is a device that can connect to the internet.


Get an online roulette bonus to get you started on our games, face off with live dealers and enjoy the fun of rules that change slightly depending on the game you’re playing.

Online Roulette For Every Appetite

It may seem like there is only one way to play online roulette, but Spin Galaxy believes in giving players options. Not only are there multiple types of roulette available, but we also have options between the European, French and American varieties.


The three main types of roulette online in Canada:


  • European Roulette Online– This wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 and has one zero, and it is the most common version of the game.
  • French Roulette Online– It has the same wheel as the European version, the only difference being the rules. If the ball lands on zero you get half of your bet back, and another rule determines that you can win back your bet if the ball lands on zero and you have an Outside bet.
  • American Roulette Online– This wheel has two zero segments instead of one, which raises the house edge while giving you more options.

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How Canadian Online Roulette Bets Work

To enjoy online roulette, you need to know how to place a wager. You may have heard of inside and outside bets, eh? Well, these relate to specific numbers or sections of the wheel and here is a more detailed explanation.

Inside Bets: These have a low probability but a likely higher payout. An example of this is a Straight Up bet on only one number. Other bets include trying to predict combinations or sequences of numbers, such as Split bets, Street bets, Corner bets and Line bets.

Outside Bets: These have a higher probability but a likely lower payout. An example of this is placing a wager on only black or red, high or low numbers, and odd or even numbers. Additional options are Dozens and Columns, where a player bets on groups of numbers.


Playing Online Roulette At Spin Galaxy

Roulette is fun and what is not to like? You have a numbered spinning black and red wheel and a little ball that determines your success. The wheel used in online roulette for real money is split into 37 segments numbered zero to 36 in alternating red and black. Zero is generally green. The premise of the game is that players need to place their bets according to where they think the ball will land.

This is how to play our best online roulette games:

  • Players place their bets
  • The croupier starts spinning the wheel and drops in the ball
  • The ball eventually stops in a segment
  • The result is announced and winnings are allocated.
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Top Roulette Games At Spin Galaxy

Spin Galaxy wants to make sure that you find the type of play that works for you. Here are some of our favourite roulette online casino games:

Mega Roulette This version of the game comes to you as a Mega variant, which maintains the single-zero Roulette format, but accompanied by the exciting Mega Multiplier! Plus, during every spin, between 1 & 5 multipliers from 50 to 500x will be applied to randomly selected straight-up bets, which will incraese potential wins. 

Multifire Roulette This intriguing version offers a potential multiplier bonus, sure to make things even more exciting

Sapphire Roulette – Gaming giant Microgaming’s European roulette offering is sleek in design and has random number-generated play with hot and cold statistics to guide your game.

Real Roulette with Bailey – This gives you a live roulette online casino feel with Bailey as the croupier and host. Created by Real Dealer Studios, this game brings the roulette table to your living room as Bailey calls out your bets and spins the wheel. It also has a Racetrack board to add to the regular options.

Real Auto Roulette – The game gives statistics from the last 100 spins with 9 betting options to select from. If you like to play roulette online, this is an automatic game that renders quite a pace.

Roulette FAQs

Can I play roulette online in Canada with real money?

Yes, but first you need to register your Spin Galaxy account and set up your profile, once this is complete the entertainment can begin and you can play roulette online.

What is the safest bet in Roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance and random outcomes, but the safest bet is to focus on the outside bets. Keeping bets on the odds/even, red/black, and high/low provides the best chance of scoring a win.

What is the best site to play online roulette games?

The best online roulette sites are safe, legal, licensed casinos like Spin Galaxy Canada.

Can you win at online roulette?

Yes, you can, but you can also lose. Roulette is purely based on chance. Play for fun and stick to a budget.