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Spin Galaxy: Out-of-this-World Online Casino Games, Right Here on Earth

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Video Poker Brings the Online Casino Action

Video poker is an interesting hybrid of two casino games that aims to deliver something unique to players. It’s a combination of the complexity and card-based nature of poker, together with the speed, excitement and spectacle of casino slots. It’s the perfect game for those tired of the slots formula, or those who don’t have time for the slow nature of traditional poker. The result is a fast-paced game that’s easy to learn and fun to play.

Card game lovers should find video poker especially enjoyable. Each game is based on the classic 5-card draw formula that allows players to discard any unwanted cards. When the fluid mechanics of slot machine gameplay is added, the result is a smooth experience that lets players play through each round effortlessly. There are several video poker titles on offer at Spin Galaxy, each offering everything from basic assists for each hand, to special features that ramp up the action.

Poker With a Helping Hand

We have streamlined every part of the playing process to make the Spin Galaxy video poker experience as seamless as possible. This means cutting out the Flop, Turn, and River stages typically associated with Hold ‘em Poker, and instead opting for the 5-card draw variant. Like online slots, video poker is also a strictly solo experience, so there’s no bluffing other players. Each round of 5-card draw video poker features two stages, these are the deal and the draw.

Players must place their bets before each round and click the play button when they are ready to begin. During the initial deal stage, 5 cards will be drawn at random from the full deck and shown on the screen. Any cards that make up a winning hand will be automatically selected to remain. However, if players want to hold onto any of their cards for their own play-style, they can select them by tapping or clicking on them. Clicking the draw button will then cause the unselected cards to be discarded and replaced with fresh cards from the deck. A winning hand will then be calculated from the current cards and paid out accordingly.

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Hitting Those Winning Hands

Much of the thrill of poker lies in the exciting combinations of winning hands. Seeing the cards line up to form those winning combinations out of nowhere is an amazing feeling not present in other mobile casino games . Learning the power of each hand is the first step to gaining success in poker of any kind.

Video poker uses exactly the same hand combinations as any other common poker variant. The easiest combination to form and the least valuable is a Pair, formed by getting two cards of the same kind. This is then followed by Three of a Kind and Four of a Kind. Then comes the Full House, Straight, Flush, and Straight Flush, each one being more valuable than the one before. The best combination of cards in poker is a Royal Flush. It’s worth learning all about the various hands before stepping in to play video poker for the first time.

Mix Up the Formula With 3-Card Play

Players who might want to try video poker with a twist on the 5-card formula, might want to try their hand at the 3-card variant instead. In this version of the game players are dealt 3 cards instead of 5 and must then decide whether they would like to fold, raise or play.

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The History of Video Poker

Video poker might seem like a modern invention from the last 20 or 30 years, but it’s actually been around for a little while longer than that. Though the “video” part of game might be a recent invention, the concept of a card playing casino machine is well over 100 years old.

The origins of video poker can be tracked back Brooklyn, New York in the 1890s. Sitman and Pitt were a pair of inventors who first developed an automatic playing card machine that made use of drums and playing cards. 50 years later, during the 1940s, the first electromechanical High Hand Draw machine was released by Bally. Advances in automatic card game machines would take a huge step forward in the 1970s when the first machine to feature a video screen was released by SIRCOMA. Two decades later, video poker would eventually move beyond traditional video screens and go fully digital when game developers introduced video poker to the world of online gaming.